Center Field is an online publication presented by the Marist College Center for Sports Communication.

Founded in the Spring of 2018 by Professor Leander Schaerlaeckens, Marco Schaden, and Matt Rzodkiewicz, Center Field aims to comprehensively cover Marist Athletics like never before.

Founders Corner

Marco SchadenCo-Founder

Marco was Center Field’s first Editor-in-Chief in the Spring of 2018. He carries with him the lessons learned from the earliest challenges of getting Center Field off the ground as he hopes to begin his career in professional journalism.

Matt RzodkiewiczCo-Founder

Matt took the helm as Editor-in-Chief in the Fall of 2018 aiming to increase Center Field’s multimedia content. Promoting graphic design and publishing diverse multimedia stories, such as The Ink That Links Marist Swimming and Around the Horns, Matt certainly accomplished his goal. He is now employed by MLB Network.

Kristin Dolan

Kristin took on the challenging role of Center Field’s first Managing Editor. Her work established a respectable precedent for Center Field around campus and developed a streamlined system of reporting. Drawing on her experiences with Center Field and as manager for the Marist Football Team, Kristin is now a Social Operations Coordinator for the NFL.

Nick Rudzewick

Nick “Rudz” played to his strengths as Center Field’s first Multimedia Director. His talents are best noted in his collaboration with Will Bjarnar in The Foxspys and his short film on Marist Hockey’s Road to Nationals. Nick now works for AOL In The Know as an Associate Video Editor.