The Big Three Shine in Win over Manhattan

Manhattan College’s goal within the first minute of the game would not be a sign of things to come. In a 19-3 win over Manhattan College, Morgan Jaycox, Lauren Mazza and Samantha Mehalick dominated on offense to show that they are the “Big Three” of the Marist Women’s Lacrosse program.

On a dark and windy day in the Hudson River Valley, Marist let up the first goal within a minute of the opening draw. But as the sun came out, so did Marist, and so did their “Big Three.” Sophomore attack Samantha Mehalick opened the scoring for Marist with an assist from senior attack Morgan Jaycox. Marist then went on to score 18 unanswered goals on MAAC rival Manhattan College. Freshman attack Camille Renaud got her second hat trick of the season, scoring four goals. Marist also saw goals from captain Hailey Wagner, Kelly George and Devon Connolly, and allowed only three. Marist got the final word in at the end with a goal from sophomore attack Carly Grant.

Jaycox contributed two goals and seven assists in a 19-3 victory over Manhattan on Wednesday. Photo by Matt Rzodkiewicz.

In their second big conference game and win, Marist showed they are a force to be reckoned with. In a 14-3 over Monmouth University, Mehalick scored four goals and Jaycox contributed three goals and two assists. These two names were also mentioned quite often in today’s game as well as senior attack Lauren Mazza. In their powerful play today, the two seniors and sophomore showed they are the big three of Marist Women’s Lacrosse. The season high scoring came largely from Mehalick with four goals and Mazza with five goals. Jaycox contributed two goals and a career high seven assists. After each of their hat tricks and a little extra to go with them, Mehalick leads the team with 35 goals for the season, with Mazza right behind her with 29. Jaycox’s seven assists make her the team leader with 18 on the season. She follows right behind Mehalick and Mazza with 18 goals.

Mehalick leads the team with 35 goals for the season. Photo by Matt Rzodkiewicz.

The dominance of these three players was seen throughout the entire game. If there was an assist on a goal, it was likely from Jaycox and more than 50% of the time, scoring came from one of the big three. The big three remained dominate throughout the entirety of their second conference matchup and win.  Their dominance allowed for almost all of the roster to gain playing time today, helping contribute to the future of the team, as well as the present.

Helping to not only rack up another MAAC win, but also show dominance within the conference, Coach Jessica Wilkinson was more than pleased with her seniors’ performance today. “I really have to commend some of our seniors. I think Morgan did an excellent job on attack. I think Lauren Mazza did an excellent job on attack. They really lead with points today so I’m really happy with them,” said Wilkinson.

The chemistry during play was clear throughout the game. With calculated passes and tough battles on both offense and defense, Marist and the big three showed that they prioritize the team over individual stats. Always looking for the open girl, Jaycox showed with her seven assists – the trust she has in her teammates abilities.

“Sharing the ball with my team is the major key. I want to set other people up for success,” said Jaycox.

With six conference matchups ahead, the big three took a step in the right direction today, racking up goals and assists and setting an example for younger players. Using this powerful momentum will be a major key in their games to come, for individual players and team chemistry.

“Our mindset on attack has been dictate (the play). We’re stepping on the field with confidence and we’re going to dictate the play” said Jaycox.

And dictate they did.

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