Living Up To Expectations

Marist Men’s lacrosse team lived up to the preseason hype today with a commanding 12-4 victory over the Binghamton Bearcats. It seemed as if every Marist player mentioned in preseason as a “player to watch” made sure they were on that list for a reason. Reasons that would not soon be forgotten.

MAAC Preseason Player of the Year, Peyton Smith, put up an outstanding 15 wins at the faceoff position out of 18 matchups. Capitalizing on Smith’s dominant faceoff performance was the returning 2019 MAAC champion attack line made up of Senior, Jake Weinman, and Sophomores Jamison Embury and Jojo Pirreca. Embury finished the game with a goal and an assist, while his sophomore counterpart, Pirreca, notched four goals and an assist. Weinman added two goals in the mix. Midfielder, James Lyons, tallied a hat-trick and an assist for himself, bringing the Sophomore class to 11 total points on the day.

Junior, Vito Musso, was mentioned as a vital part of the Red Fox offense coming off the bench early in the preseason. Scoring the final goal of the game, Musso proved that the coaches and the conference itself were right to recognize him as a force off the bench. 

The Red Fox defense, led by Senior Captain, Sam Ahlgrim and goalie, Jake MacGregor, was stellar for a majority of the match, allowing only one goal after the first quarter. MacGregor tallied eight saves out of 12 shots on goal, giving him a .667 save percentage in the afternoon. The long stick midfielders played a huge role on both ends of the field today. Sophomores Anthony Fillipetti and J.T. Roselle was relentless on defense, leading the team in caused turnovers with seven combined. 

This Marist team was labeled a force this season in the MAAC, due to their depth as well as their combination of youth talent and veteran leadership on the field at all times. This team is made up primarily of young stars waiting at the chance to take a starting spot and put up points. The talent in the sophomore class proves that this team will be able to grow as a unit, returning many starters for the seasons to come. However, this season still holds many thrills ahead that have yet to be unveiled. This Marist team looks to keep the ball rolling with another win against Richmond next Friday.

Header photo from Marist Athletics

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