Are Freshmen the Best Men?

Coach Dunne has been the coach for the Marist Men’s Basketball Team for 2 years. Within those two years there is a theory going around that he has taken a liking to giving freshman not only a decent amount of minutes per game but a lot of expectations to go with it. The Red Foxes are currently (6-18) this season (5-10) in the conference.  

They recently lost in overtime to Monmouth 65-61, Tyler Sagl was their leading scorer tonight with 16 points, he was 5-11 from the 3 point line with 7 rebounds, Matt Herasme chipped in 15 points with 5 rebounds shooting 4-11 from the field.  

The Red Foxes were (12-19) last season and were (7-11) in the conference. Although, that is not a great record there were some good things that came out of it, the team consisted of many upperclassmen that either graduated or left which freed up slots on the team for their upcoming freshman Tyler Saint-Furcy, Tyler Sagl, and Henry Makeny.  

Tyler Saint-Furcy is a freshman from Inwood, NY who is starting this year for the Red Foxes. He’s averaging 6.3 PPG and 2.5 rebounds while shooting 37.7 percent from the field. The numbers may not wow you but Tyler has shown great strides this season, he scored a career high of 20 points against Iona last week and is looking to improve his game everyday. 

 In his most recent match against Monmouth Furcy had a scoreless game tonight and when asked about his poor performance he stated, “I’m not going to let one game get the best of me, I will be going back to the tape later on to study it and work on my mistakes.” When asked about if there’s any pressure with being a starting freshman this year he stated that, “I don’t have any pressure on me, I just want to play my game and help my team in any way possible.”  

Tyler Sagl has been a great asset to the Red Foxes this season, when asked on how it feels that Coach Dunne has so much trust in him his freshman year he stated, “It feels good, he believes in me just like he believes in everyone else im grateful for the position i’m in and were going to get some wins down the road in this tournament.” Sagl has broken his career high tonight with 5 three point field goals made and stated that “this is only the beginning.”  

We asked the coach about the theory of him taking a liking to playing freshman this year. His response was, “ No I’m just playing the guy that deserves to be out on the court, I do think the more young guys play the better there going to be down the road for sure.” His only expectation for freshman is to get better everyday.  

Last season Matt Herasme was a freshman on the team who played 17.5 minutes a game, although he only averaged 3.1 PPG at the time he has evolved into one of their main go to guys averaging 8.9 points, 5.2 rebounds, and is shooting 42 percent from the field. 

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