HYPOTHETICALLY Season 2 Episode 1: To Bet or Not To Bet on Marist Women’s Soccer

Center Field’s HYPOTHETICALLY has returned for another season! Hosts Mackenzie Meaney and Bridget Reilly break down the should’ves, would’ves, and could’ves of the fall sports seasons that didn’t get to play out.

In the first episode of Hypothetically Season 2, Mackenzie and Bridget dive into the women’s soccer’s incoming players and returning stars, possible season outcomes, and the long-standing coaching staff issue.

Video edited by Riley Griffin

Graphics by Kristin Flanigan

One thought

  1. Great video! My favorite part, among many, was the discussion of Leanne Benson and her time at Marist, which never included being a head coach! Second, great point about Kristen Prevosto, who actually isn’t even on the roster anymore (I found this out by googling the roster, how crazy!!). Likewise, the blatant mispronunciation of two veteran players mentioned, who have each been on this team for minimum, 3 years.

    I also really liked the take on the previous coaching staff. Especially the misogynistic undertone of discussing coach Brittany’s pregnancy. According to this video, women can’t have children and sufficiently do their jobs!! More on that, the accusation of former Coach of the Year Leigh Howard “abruptly” leaving. Despite the fact that she and assistant coach Cristina Cobb stuck around to sort our practice plans, gear requests and other material, before they left, for the players. But yes, let’s pin two young women as unprofessional and inconsiderate for choosing to further their careers at another institution, career driven women are the worst!!

    I think it’s fairly obvious from a number of different pieces that this organization has a strange vendetta against this Marist Women’s Soccer program, despite never receiving any negative treatment from its coaches or its players. This video is…embarrassing. The blatant lack of investment into gathering this information and discussing it already with little knowledge of the sport (as mentioned in the video) is further evidence that Center Field is intent on putting down this program and it’s players.

    I can’t imagine going to a school and writing about it’s sports without doing the bare minimum in research or paying the slightest ounce of respect to its players, which happen to be your peers as well.

    Looking forward to the next derogatory MWS article! From an “average” MWS alum, keep up the (below) average work CF!

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