Marist Gets Back on Track with Win Over St. Joseph’s

When a goalkeeper makes eight saves in one game, it’s probably his night. Yet, the Marist Men’s Soccer team kept pounding at the door, getting themselves back on track in 2019.

And it is senior Michael Lorello’s night after all.

It was 90 minutes of consistent rain and just as consistent, fast-paced soccer – a style that seems to suit Viggiano’s team quite well. A style that got them back on track tonight as they shut out St. Josephs, 1-0.

Much of the matchup turned out to be a one-on-one battle between Marist star, Allen Gavilanes, and St. Joseph’s goalkeeper, Joseph Boehm. Gavilanes can claim a handful of his team’s 26 shots to himself but, ended without a goal to show for it. While Boehm had what must have been a career night, stopping eight of the nine Red Fox shots on target.

Freshman attacker Joe Mac, who looked bright through 15 minutes, was taken down in the box on a fortunate breakaway, winning a penalty kick. Gavilanes stepped up for the opportunity but, his attempt was parried away by Boehm.

It isn’t uncommon for a goalscorer to miss a penalty kick and subsequently fade away in the match, bogged down by the weight of the missed chance. Gavilanes didn’t let that happen, however.

“You missed one? Who cares, go get the next one,” said Viggiano on the mentality he instills in his attackers. Gavilanes embodied that same energy throughout the game, finishing with seven shots and the game-winning assist.

The Hawks’ sophomore keeper continued to be pivotal, halting an onslaught of pressure from the Marist offense in the 51st minute. Gavilanes was turned away with a kick save while his teammates tried to scavenge for a rebound, to no avail. Just minutes later, Gavilanes was stonewalled again by Boehm, who got down to his left quickly.

Viggiano spoke highly of the St. Joseph’s keeper and his performance, acknowledging how tough it was to get anything by him. “You gotta keep your patience but at the same time, you gotta be hungry. Sometimes it’s an ugly goal to beat a guy like that,” he said.

And that’s exactly what it took tonight for the Red Foxes.

Captain Mike Lorello was the man who finally found his way past Boehm. Off a short corner in the 70th minute, Gavilanes’ whipped-in ball found its way to Lorello’s feet on the doorstep of the net.

Lorello is playing in a different spot this year, beginning in the Red Foxes last home game against Gonzaga. Instead of his typical position on the backline, Viggiano has him playing as a holding midfielder giving Lorello more influence in the flow of the game.

“I was trying to stay deep but we needed a goal late on… I was just anticipating the ball coming to me and it fell to my foot. Just tried to get anything I could on it,” the senior said about the fourth goal of his career.

Viggiano spoke about what Lorello brings to the middle of the field. “Being a captain he’s a leader, he’s not afraid to bark at guys. I think we needed that,” he said. Viggiano likes how his captain looks in the midfield and thinks his team is better for it going forward.

Marist goalkeeper Samuel Ilin saved the result for the Red Foxes with four minutes left to play, smothering a contested rebound just before a St. Joseph’s attacker could make contact.

With a quick turnaround to another home game on Wednesday, Marist doesn’t have long to celebrate their important win. The University of Albany comes to Poughkeepsie in just four days, and the Red Foxes, led by Lorello, know they have their work cut out for them.

Edited by Bridget Reilly

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